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Ask about special rates for regularly scheduled visits, overnights,or 24 hour stays. 
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About PHILServices
A different kind of HELP service  
As a homeowner, property manager, teacher, father, and son of elderly parents, I know that life can get busy. Sometimes you want to do a task yourself but you can’t find the time. Often you might just need an extra pair of hands or set of eyes to get it done! Other times you have a Do-It-Yourself project that you just can’t do, but you still want it done your way: practical, economical, and with care. That’s where PHILServices is different: 
  • I will work with you  
  • I can do the job for you 
  • I pride myself on doing it your way: 

Aging in place and transitional help to remain independent
At times, many families need assistance during a transitional period or as parents age in place.  Injury, rehabilitation, a new job, age or family change can get you behind. Whether you need help for yourself, your parents, a friend, or even your business, PHILServices can provide the help you need.  I'll be there when you can't do it yourself!
  • Personal assistance
  • Home maintenance
  • Technology support 
  • Companionship
Affordable rates
​At PHILServices, I charge the following for a full hour of good, honest, hard work.
  •  $30/hour for two or more hours; $35 for one hour visits
  • Ask about rates or discounts for:
            -Regularly scheduled visits
           - Long term stays
            -Special  circumstances
  • Never a fee for consultation
  • Bonded and Insured for your protection

Clients are treated like members of my own family
  • Senior citizens and their children
  • Working families
  • Rehabilitation patients
  • Single parents
  • Busy homeowners
  • Small business owners

Since I have  opened, I've treated every customer like they were a part of my family. Others may offer similar services, but PHILServices individualizes everything  to meet the needs of you and your family.

I hope you will give PHILServices a try.

Phil "the help guy" Scully